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Pandaren racial mount

forsakenrose, Mar 22, 12 10:47 PM.

More MoP news, tips on leveling

forsakenrose, Mar 22, 12 4:52 PM.
The Mists of Pandaria beta has been live for a few hours now and people have unloaded info and screens on mmo champ. Basics:

Female pandaren have tails when you choose the red fur.

Farming is in the game allowing you to till soil and plant seeds to grow crops and there are dailies to help your farm.

Pandaren have a roll ability that lets them spring forward.

Glyphs are getting reworked to be more fun. Example - a druid glyph is in the game that changes the travel form into a stag that people can mount. Yeah, people can ride you around.

Talent system is reworked so that your choices matter more. Specialization also got reworked.

Female pandaren are super cute: (underwater)

Leveling tips:

If you find yourself tired of leveling slowly and want to get higher faster, follow these tips.

1: Only do quests that require you to kill or collect X amount of things. Don't waste time doing quests that have you talking to people or going to a certain location. Do dungeons ONE time to complete their quests. After you do that, the only time you should be doing them is when you need to cross a gap in your levels. Every time the quests you have turn green, check your world map to find a new zone to quest in based on the level range displayed upon mouse-over. Find one that is at or near your level and go there. Repeat til 85.

2: Wear as much heirloom gear as possible. There are different ways to obtain it at 85. Do Tol Barad dailies for the honor and turn them in for justice points, then use the JP to buy the gear. Do dungeons to get JP and buy the gear. You can also get guild heirlooms if your guild is high enough and you have the guild reputation required. The heirloom gear coupled with the guild experience boost perk will get you to 85 in less than a month or two.

Beta right around the corner, more guides coming

forsakenrose, Mar 21, 12 11:27 AM.
The MoP beta is said to be coming to us before the weekend. Those of us who signed up for the annual pass will receive beta keys in waves. If you got the annual pass and don't get a beta key right away, don't panic.

I'm going to be adding more guides to the Library, just let me know what you need help with. Doesn't matter what. Specific dungeon boss, an entire dungeon, class spell rotations, anything. Just tell me so I know.


forsakenrose, Mar 19, 12 11:41 AM.
The non-disclosure agreement that was on Mists of Pandaria has just been lifted today. A ton of new information has been released as well as some videos of zones. Among the features we need to be overjoyed for...

Monk class will feature button mashing fighting game style melee combat.
Mistweaver, the Monk healing spec, will involve DPSing and healing.
Mounts will be able to wear armor though this is probably cosmetic.
Minipets will be account wide so those rare pets you got on your main will be usable on all your characters.
New race models are in the works and may even be done at launch or shortly after.
Challenge modes will offer higher rewards at max level.
Scenarios can be entered like a dungeon except they do not require all 3 roles be filled. Example: 3 dps could finish one.
New or revamped guild perks.
Emphasis on adventure and exploration.
Emphasis on Alliance vs Horde.
New mounts, many new mounts.
So much more... 

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

forsakenrose, Mar 18, 12 8:35 PM.
Our website is live. You can use the navigation bar on the left to find what you need. We have dungeon guides, dos and don'ts and much more. Expect updates often. On this main page, you can see on the right a shoutbox where you can leave short messages, server status, gallery, voice chat status. Under this middle section, you can see peoples' professions who have set theirs and work orders placed. Check the Library section for guides.
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